Day 248. The Not Yet Met One.

So, I'm kinda returning to my cheating ways ;). Today was a yucky day and its shaping up to take over my whole week...this too shall pass but right now it sucks. I struggled and struggled as I thought to myself "I have to blog I have to blog" but I was in absolutely no mindset to tell you about someone "good".

But, as I searched and searched for the energy to write something positive I found myself bolstered by the search for "someone" who must be out there who is doing something good for someone or something...

So today, even when I'm not up for focusing on just one of all the amazing people who are out there in the world, its simply the thought that these people ARE out there that has me going right now. The dream not yet realized can really carry you through some tough times - and so tonight, knowing that you great people are out there - you're getting me through....thank you. You're putting that good energy into the world and even though I don't know what you are doing, or can't see through my current fog to see it, I feel it and I thank you :)

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Ann said...

Big grin...yep, they are out there...doing all sorts of amazing things. Many times in the background, not wanting fame, fortune or recognition. They are content to know that the small things they do make the world a better place, one small project at a time.

There are millions..maybe billions of us.


...and we're all smiling back at you.