Day 247. The Philosphy One.

Once again, the perfect inspiration falls into my lap :)

Allow me to introduce you to Jennifer Iannolo. I originally "met" her through Chef Mark and immediately gravitated to the work that she and Mark do through Culinary Media Network. [sidebar: if you are not already following these peeps on Twitter, tracking their blogs, and watching and listening to the un-be-liev-able podcasts they put together you are truly missing something]

Now, I urge you to take the time to check out both of her ventures I've linked to above- you'll learn all about the professional angle of this lovely woman. But, why is she so cool? Well, I believe that Jen lives a truly passion focused life - something that I admire soooooo much. First, she has taken her dream and life passion and made it her work - genius. Second, she travels the world - genius. Third - the woman revels in the true delight that is great food and drink - genius. Fourth - the woman is an Atlas Shrugged fan - (do I have to say it? :) ).

I think these days - people are often focused on not only the wrong things in how they make their living, but they also forget to find the joy in things. Whether your watching Jen taste a new cocktail or experiencing a visit to her homeland, you can tell this woman is lovin' life. She truly lets you feel the experience by her sincere appreciation of what she's doing. The fact that I, too, love so many of the things Jen focuses on makes it easy for me to appreciate what she is doing but I have seen others jump on her projects (search for #sexonaplate on twitter - that's all I'm saying) and that shows me that we all love someone who puts such a voracious life perspective out into the world.

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Jennifer Iannolo said...

Alison, I don't even know what to say. I'm so honored that you derive value from the work I'm doing, and it makes the long hours all worthwhile. Thank you so much. :)