Day 246. The City One.

I'm addicted to Sex and the City. I love the show, I have the pink suede collectors DVD set, I have the movie. I'm addicted. Period.

I'm connected to this story for so many reasons - I lived my twenties in a city and, while nowhere near as crazy an experience as any of the characters on SATC, I love love loved it. I love fashion, I love New York, I love the focus on female friendships through thick and thin that every story reinforces. When it all comes down to it, and you strip away all the money, men, clothes and hijinx I think Sex and the City is so popular because it says, as a woman, you can be whoever you want to be and, if you are good to your friends, you will have good friends - and that's all you need.

Who is responsible for all this? Why Candace Bushnell of course. She wrote the original book. So, purely for entertaining me and so many others, singlehandedly making "Manolo's" part of the female lexicon and for reminding us where our hearts should always be, I say Candace rocks.

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