Day 241. The Service-Oriented One.

This past Friday, Stephen, my parents and I went out for dinner to a place we hadn't been before. We had heard the food was really good but were a little put off when we realized how slowly the service was getting going. It took about 10 minutes to have someone come over and take our drink order, and then, when we asked for the wine list another 15 minutes went by. This wasn't starting off well...

But as it turned out, Micki, our server, was just ridiculously busy and the way the restaurant was laid out literally had her running back and forth across the entire restaurant for EVERYTHING - plus she was one of two servers for an entire room on a Friday night. But she never complained, she never came across harried, and she always had a smile on her face. When she knew something was taking too long she made an acknowledging comment - not in a sense of apology of excuse - but in the spirit of acknowledging what was going on, and showing us respect of keeping us informed...and again, with that smile on her face and fun attitude.

We ended up having one of the best dinners - both in terms of food and experience - that we had had in a long time. To acknowledge what a part of that Micki was, we left her as generous a tip as we could. As the table was cleared and the tab picked up we lingered over the last little bit of our drinks. Just a few moments later, Micki came back and said "thank you so much for the generous tip". Stephen and I looked at each other. In all our years of living - and the added experience of being in hospitality and food service most of Stephen's life - never had we had a server come back and thank us for a tip. Particularly in the midst of a crazy night. And you know what, on top of everything else, that made us feel good. It reminded me that as nice as it is to do or say something nice, sometimes its just as important to know that your act was received in the way it was meant. (Selfish I know, but I'm being honest...)

Micki worked hard, showed us respect and showed us kind appreciation for our acknowledgment of her hard work. She was lovely both in who she was that night and how she did her job. Thanks M!

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