Day 237. The Driving One.

As you know I spent time the past week with my family. What's really cool is that my sister in law lives in Indiana, so she comes to our house first, spends the night, takes a break and then we all drive together to Pennsylvania. Its a nice time to catch up and spend time together and also it helps make the ride easier and less boring (more drivers and more people to interact with and help out). The whole process reverses itself when we return home.

Last Wednesday, we arrived home and my SIL, C, had been talking with her husband, S, on and off the whole ride. S is a great guy and a lot of fun to hang out with but we don't get to see him as much as the rest of the family since he travels quite a bit for his job.

When we got home to Ohio, we ran a few errands and finally all got home to relax - eat dinner we had picked up and decompress. But, not five minutes after we were back, there was a knock at the door - it was S. Here he had driven all the way from Detroit (approx 3.5 hrs) just to spend the evening with his family and go to Rita's with us. [Sidebar: while apparently known to the rest of the world, this was my first time having this dessert. And apparently, its the rest of my family's favorite and worth driving from Detroit for]

S hung out with us for dinner, Rita's and then a few other fun stops before heading BACK up to Detroit that same night to be ready for his meetings early the next morning. I thought it was cool. I know that S really loves his family and takes extra time and energy - such as what he did that night - to make sure they know that he is always thinking about them and wanting to be with them, even when he is on the road.

Its often easy to talk ourselves out of things - we don't have enough time, we are too busy, we are too tired, we just don't want to do something. A lot of times, these things are all true - and I am sure S had many of those things in his head last week - but he still came down to see his wife and three children - even if for a few hours. Love it!

S, the next time you're in Ohio, the Rita's is on ME! :)

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Devyl Gyrl said...

What a wonderful husband and father. I hope that he knows how special he is - especially in this day and time, when going above and beyond for your family seems to be considered 'outdated' or 'too much.'

Love you, love your blog, and love that you continue to recognize people for who they are on a daily basis.