Day 235-6. The Sibling Ones.

I think its important to remember that kids are good people too. I've been very fortunate to inherit a bunch of nieces and nephews via my marriage to Stephen (I consider this the perfect kid arrangement - you hang out with them as long as you want and then send them home LOL). The two cousins I've had the longest relationship with, purely due to age, are my niece, C, and nephew L. They are now 13 and 11 respectively and are now big sister and brother to nephew (and adorable godson of mine) M.

I am continually impressed with their loving maturity as big brother and sister. As we spent the last week together, I saw a sister and brother who genuinely love their baby brother and are always willing to help take care of M. To see them be such caring people really opened my eyes to who these two young people are becoming as adults and its a wonderful sight. They were affectionate, strong in their guidance of what needed to be done, amazing in their calm and confidence when M had a little breakdown as 3 year olds are prone to do, and supportive of Stephen and I, the bumbling uncle and aunt when we tried to take care of him as well.

Both C and L are blooming like fantastic young flowers into these people who I genuinely like hanging out with. I had numerous real, meaningful conversations with each of them during our visit and, not to sound cheesy, but they restore my faith in the young generation that is following us. This group of people is constantly portrayed as texting, materialistic, growing up too soon, selfish, thoughtless kids. I know of two for certain who are debunking all those stereotypes.

C & L, I love you both - you rock, and you are great people.

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Devyl Gyrl said...

Children are amazing ... and teach us nearly as much as we teach them!