Day 234. The Boogie-ing Ones.

I'm a little late to the party (ha ha ha) on this one, but when I finally saw the video people were talking about, I wanted to share it a little bit more. This is about Jill and Kevin. Two people who I've never met and probably never will, but Jill and Kevin came up with the idea to have their wedding party dance down the aisle at the ceremony. The video of said entrance has become a YouTube sensation and has even garnered them attention on the Today show.

As I watched this video, I found myself smiling. Its fun, its happy, and its all about who Jill and Kevin are. I've talked before about weddings - my perspective is its a day about the two people getting married and too often people either get caught up in the spectacle of it all or in the "routine" of it all and it never becomes a day that represents all that a marriage, and the two people involved, are about. Jill and Kevin didn't fall into either trap. Even if you think their idea was silly you can't deny that its fun, playful, utterly unique and devoid of self-consciousness. One can argue that these are amazing traits to carry into a union. It also makes me happy to think these two had enough self awareness to do something that wasn't "typical" because they wanted to and it would make them happy. These two seem to be starting off on a good foot (ahem) and they also seem to have a good support structure of friends who get them, who are fun, and who will always be willing to do what's asked of them - even if its dancing down the aisle of the church in shades.

Congratulations Jill and Kevin on your marriage, and on being who you are!


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sorenj said...

once again you capture the important aspects. whether it is somone you know personally or not. another typically inspiring post.