Day 233. The Explorer One.

Back to my geekdom. Every once and a while you end up with someone in your Twitter stream who simply impresses the heck out of you. I started following JD Andrews a while back - not even sure why - but I remember thinking that he had some pretty positive, good quotes. So I'd look for his tweets every once in a while, trying to figure out what he was all about until just about a week ago I found his to be one of the avatars that I'd search out and read.

JD is constantly positive, adventuresome, encouraging and just a good "read" (in 140 characters or less!) He posted today a pic about the Keys and it seemed to be kismet that I would honor him today as the Conch Republic is forever my second home!

We've never interacted properly, but I do want JD to know that he impacts my life in a good way every day and every tweet with what he has to share and say. If you are on Twitter, and you want some good energy flowin' through your Tweetdeck, or Twirl or Tweetie or whatever you use. Follow this man! Good stuff going out into the world from him!

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