Day 231. The Cookie One.

You are going to have to revel in my geekiness for a minute to hear about this person. Today when I logged in to Facebook, a friend of mine, "AnnOhio" posted this:

Ann is declaring today thoughtful Thursday...do something nice for someone ..or better yet do something nice for YOU

OK, first of all, brilliant. Second of all, thoughtful. Third of all, compelling and interesting enough that you really start to figure out how you can do just what was recommended. Lucky me - I have the perfect outlet - so, on "Thoughtful Thursday" I am honoring dear, sweet, wonderful Ann.

Ann and I have interacted a few times, and mostly on Twitter and Facebook, but let me tell you, this woman ROCKS. First of all, she's all about the hugs and she's all about the cookies. She brings you cookies when she meets you in person - and they are DE-LIC-I-OUS. And she hugs you...warm, deep, real. She comes up with stuff like thoughtful Thursday every now and again, and often with perfect timing. Oh and she's a knitter...we luuuuuv knitters! ;)

She continues to amaze me as she builds a life that SHE can be proud of and love living in. She's made some life choices that have required strength, courage, and the desire to be better even when people tell her she's crazy. Even if sometimes, bad things happen, and, like all of us, Ann has hit some bumps in the road, she shares that which she is comfortable sharing and just demonstrates such an honesty and real self-examination that I have no doubt she comes through each challenge wiser and better for it. Ann is also a strong woman. She doesn't take much crap. And she'll remind you not to either. Her twitter bio: if you don't add to my life, I'm subtracting you. EXACTLY.

I've said this before, but for real, Ann is one of those people who makes the world better by just being in it. When I see her "virtually" or in person, she just makes me smile. She reminds me that we always need to feed the good in ourselves and strive to live life to its fullest. So, let's all honor Ann and make this the biggest and best "thoughtful Thursday" ever - go do something nice for someone, and do something nice for YOU! xoxox

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