Day 232. The Pig One.

This is simple, slightly funny and easy. Stephen's family lives in North Eastern Pennsylvania and, either each of them owns, or has access to a farm. Since we are fans of cooking and eating foods that are as natural as possible, heading there is always a boon for us since we come home with boxes of wonderfully fresh vegetables, honey, berries (and jam we made with them). This year, we're going to have something else - a pig. Not a live pig, a butchered pig that Stephen's brother has purchased, fed and taken care of all season long.

We're really excited - believe it or not there's going to be a lot of fun and good eatin' involving this pig and its great to know that we know where this little guy has been since he was born. I also happen to know that my nephews aren't necessarily able to take care of it (and its mates) on their own yet, and my sister in law prefers not to take care of animals that will become food :) So full props go to my brother in law, Michael, for letting us have this great animal headed our way after being raised in the best way possible!

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