Day 228. The Taco One.

Thursday my brother-in-law and his family arrived for a visit. We were very excited to see them as they have three little boys and haven't been able to travel until recently (3 boys under 3 at one point? My sister-in-law is a Saint!) ANYWAY, the boys are now 9, 8, and 7 and are at such a wonderful age where they are really starting to relate like little people - not just children anymore.

We love being an aunt and uncle and particularly enjoy the "spoiling" part of that job so for lunch the first day, the boys got to pick wherever they wanted to eat before we headed to the Zoo. Like true little boys, they wanted Taco Bell (apparently there is no Taco Bell in the mountains of the poconos).

When we arrived the boys had time to figure out what they wanted and when it was our turn to order, my sister-in-law prompted each of them to step up to order their lunch on their own. Now, they were each doing just fine, but they were obviously below eye level, a bit more soft spoken than the other adult customers, and had to be prompted on some questions..."would you like a drink?" "Do you want a hard or soft taco?" etc. And who did this? The cashier, John. John was so kind and thoughtful to these boys. He had an amazing patience in dealing with their young manners and personalities. At the same time, he never was condescending to them or treating them as "just kids". In the brief 30 second or so encounter each of my nephews had, I saw them each grow a little bit - proud in their accomplishment to order on their own, excitement to be eating such "great new food", and, even if they didn't know it, a growth in their confidence and life experience.

John - particularly at a "fast food place" that was swamped with the afternoon lunch crowd, you knocked me off my feet with your kindness and generosity of spirit. I really believe you gave my little nephews a tremendous life lesson and I thank you for that. Who knew that Taco Bell would be one of the most amazing lunch experiences I've ever had?

*Disclaimer - I do have a Taco Bell addiction and would be happy eating it for the rest of my life (tho my clothes would not). However, I think its fair to say that Taco Bell hasn't always been known for its service which made John's actions that much more remarkable.

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