Day 228. The Model One.

To write this post I am going to have to embarrass myself (not that this is anything new). I love "America's Next Top Model". We're not going to try and let me justify it, we're not going to explain why, but I love it. Put a marathon on the t.v. and I will watch it - even though I've seen it before. It makes me happy. I know its ridiculous, corny, over-the-top television that does nothing for my intellect or personal growth. End of story.

But, for those of you who are better people than me, let me quickly bring you up to speed. Its a silly reality show where girls compete to become the next, you guessed it, "top model". There's a panel of judges and one of the judges has always been a former "top model". Past holders of this role include Janice Dickenson, Twiggy and most recently, Paulina Porizkova. Paulina was recently fired from this role - the producers cited budget cuts. It is Paulina that I'd like to focus on today.

First of all, she's Czech (also my heritage) so that makes her cool. But she had always been peripherally interesting to me, being a model during my formative teen years in the 80's and then marrying, of all people (this was my perception) Ric Ocasek of "the Cars". I never really followed her much, but again, kinda on the outskirts of my conscience I'd be aware of hearing non-stereotypical things about her as a celebrity/model - she was really really smart, had an interesting perspective on life, focused on her family, is even still married blah blah blah. So I was kinda aware of her being interesting in a good way.

When she got fired, it was she who announced it. There was some buzz about it but just recently, Paulina wrote a post for the Huffington Post that are her reflections on being fired, how it affected her, and some perspective on this. I read it expecting some sort of backstabbing or salacious details but again, Paulina surprised me. I found it to be a very honest, very revealing insightful piece. While it may be about a silly reality show, with so many of our jobs being affected by the economy, I feel like she found brilliant ways to express ways that many of us have felt or will feel. I also found her self-deprecating honesty something that validated things that we often will only tell our closest friends and things that started to peel back the veil on "celebrity life" (even if only a little bit).

You may think I am making to much of a simple post, and maybe I am. But I really liked this article, probably for a lot of reasons I don't even have the words to express. I just wanted to acknowledge someone who wrote with honestly, clarity and insight. So, thanks Paulina, and I invite you to read it, and then let me know what you think.

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