Day 227. The Warrior One.

Meet John Melia. Five years ago he founded the Wounded Warrior Project. This project, as he simply states, is founded on the principle of one service member helping another. I think we all have been touched through someone in our lives by the effects of the recent military actions the United States has taken. I echo hopefully many of you, when I say, that regardless of one's politics or beliefs on the steps we have taken, I can never question nor adequately show appreciation to those who fight on my country's behalf.

Many give so much - and I often worry about those who return to us with severe injuries - physical and emotional. WWP is focused on honoring and empowering wounded soldiers and for the first time, I'm seeing an organization that REALLY does it up right. With respect to all those organizations who do even a small gesture to honor our soldiers, WWP blows me away. First off, their business organization - they have a bill of rights, and a statement of fiscal responsibility. AND, they don't just do one thing - such as a parade, or care packages, or letters from home they give these people complete support through a variety of channels and events.

The event that caught my attention (thank you Good Morning America) was the weekends they plan focused on comprehensive healing. And by that I mean they have picnics, barbeques, parades, sporting events, they really REALLY REALLY honor and celebrate the men and women who have done so much for us.

I won't talk much more other than to say I am in awe not only of what John has created, but also the degree of professionalism and integrity in which he has undertaken his project. Check out the website...you'll see. And to ALL of those who do anything of any magnitude for our servicemen and women I thank you - and today in particular, I thank John.

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