Day 226. The LIVESTRONG One.

I feel somewhat like I am cheating writing this. For Lance Armstrong certainly doesn't need me calling attention to his work to acknowledge all that he has done that is good in this world. However, I have been a Lance fan and a Tour de France fan for many many years, and this year, as he makes his return (and I make my foray into cycling), I'm going against my rule of not featuring famous people because I think he's deserving.

As one of my mentors, Miguel Perez, pointed out, "He may not have made all great choices, but who of us has? This guy is amazing and an incredible inspiration. Just remember... because we are able, we should give it all we have." Lance has returned to cycling and I don't know that everyone knows why...

Love him or hate him, he is an incredible human, the likes of which we don't see often. He gives so much to a community, the Cancer community, that I care deeply about. For that, I thank him and I implore you to take the 1 minute and 3 seconds to see whats "different" about Lance than what you may think and why he deserves recognition.

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