Day 223. The Grooming One.

I am a dog person. I adore all dogs and would probably sacrifice myself for my little puppero, Nittany. We are fortunate enough that we can do little things to take care of her. As she is a poodle, she doesn't shed, but does need to be groomed on a regular basis. This is always an agonizing decision - who do you leave your dog with for a day? Will they know, and care about, your dogs little quirks and personality? Will they do a good job? We have been blessed to find Peggy, who grooms our dog at her business, Wags and Whiskers.

What's great about Peggy's practice is that in addition to providing traditional "grooming" she also provides basic health record maintenance, skin care (don't read too much into this its just that Nittany has VERY dry skin and she'll use an oatmeal bath as much as necessary - we're not THAT obsessive about our dog ;) ), some key health checks, and basic training techniques for your dog on every visit. What's nice is that Peggy will openly share that she doesn't take every dog she could take as a client, she takes those with whom she feels a good connection with the owner and the dog. I do consider Peggy to be a friend of our family. She always takes time to visit with us when we drop Nittany off and pick her up, and she has definitely not only put up with our little pup's crazy behaviors but also spent some time with us teaching us some cool techniques and also reinforcing the training that we have done for her as well.

Sometimes, its just the little things, but a whole lotta little good things make for a good life and Peggy is a big part of making our lives happier, healthier and more positive.

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