Day 222. The Extraordinary One.

There are some people I've got on a list to get on this blog that I'm just waiting to find the right words to do them justice. Today, I'm going to highlight one of those people because it is her birthday, its my friend Winnie.

Winnie lives in Belgium and though I have never met her in person I feel like I know her so well. Let me tell you what I know: I know that Winnie is someone who is always there to offer support or encouragement; Winnie remembers the important stuff that's going on in people's lives and will be sure to highlight a birthday, an exam, a big event and then celebrate it; Winnie is an excellent detective when there's something, or someone, she wants to find (and that's all I will say about that ;) ); Winnie is a true friend - dedicated and loyal; Winnie is open about her feelings and her life; Winnie is honest; Winnie is willing to share who she is, what she's about, and what she's striving for; Winnie knows how to celebrate the simple pleasures in life - whether its the new iPhone or a walk in a beautiful park.

There are people who are constants in your life and are amazing in their every day existence. Winnie is one of these people - and today, of all days, I wish her the happiest of birthdays - as I have said before, a birthday is the one day that's all about you and I hope that that comes true for my friend Winnie today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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