Day 220. The Long-Time One.

Last night, I had the pleasure of having dinner with my friend, Sarah. Sarah and I have known each other since I was 7 and she was 4...her family moved to my street - two doors down. We were the only two girls our age and luckily this kinda forced us to start to become friends.

We've been through a lot together - all those childhood memories you have: playing freeze tag in the front yard, watching movies, biking to the ice cream store, playing softball, driving to high school together - that was us. A lot of things that are part of who I am were found with Sarah - she was the very first person to go to sushi with me (at the same place I still go today) every week (we rode our bikes). We would do crafts together. We'd cook and bake together.

Through it all - all the experiences, all the ups and downs that are natural in knowing someone that long, Sarah has been a true and loyal friend. She is a scrapbook of my life in living form.

She is a truly good person - she's had some curve balls thrown at her in her life and I am amazed at how little she lets them affect her. She's honest in how these things make her feel but she never over dramatizes or over analyzes anything. She has become a teacher and I have no doubt that the innate qualities of who she is serve her - and her students - well in the classroom. A few years ago, Sarah and her (now) husband moved to Florida and I applauded her desire to make a big change in her life and see "what would be next".

Having dinner last night reminded me that often, good people don't have to have a big shining moment of amazingness, nor do they have to be ever present in your life. I appreciate Sarah for who she is, and who she is in MY life. I appreciate her for how she nurtures our friendship through these many years. I am so thankful that she is my friend.

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