Day 219. The Spanish One.

When I was in Germany, I was lucky to be hanging out with friends who live there who also were hosting some get togethers while I was there. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous. I know some German, but certainly not a lot. I have also found that since I've studied quite a few languages in my life, hearing one might activate another. (Note: responding in Japanese to a French speaking person is not the quickest route to understanding)

Anyway - there I was at a wine tasting pretty much by myself. Everyone was tremendously friendly and kind but mainly speaking in their native tongue (as they should!). I felt anxious approaching folks and being able to speak only English, in fact, it became a joke that my full name became "This is Alison, she only speaks English". One couple that was there was new to me - I had only met the male the previous night briefly - but they came over and we began to visit. Turns out, that the woman is originally from Spain but now lives in Munich and is planning her wedding to a "True" German - he was born in Munich as was his father and his grandfather :).

I spent most of the entire evening with this couple and my concerns about them feeling "Stuck" with me quickly disappeared as we found more and more in common and really started to enjoy each other's company. They even spoke English with me all night. I ended up having a really great night and meeting some really great people - as well as making plans to see them again in the fall when Stephen and I head back "across the pond". So, to my new friends, I appreciate you reaching out to me that night and I am so thankful that we came to know each other across all the differences that existed between us!

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