Day 218. The Sock One.

This past Friday, my friend, Lisa and I attended a session at the annual Knitters Connection event in Columbus Ohio. Its a knitter's extravaganza where you can get as involved as you want - take a ton of classes or take none and just go shopping in the marketplace. ANYWAY, this year was the first year Lisa and I decided, yep, we'll take the plunge and take a class. With major kudos to Lisa and her ability to correctly select the most appropriate class for us, we decided to take a class on a new ways to make socks taught by Cat Bordhi.

I've heard about Cat - she's somewhat of a celebrity in knitting circles and I was excited to learn from her as socks are a finicky thing to make. Without going into a lot of detail that would bore you non-knitters, its all about the fit with socks. Its pretty hard to make a pair fit exactly right and I have often felt tied to a pattern versus tied to making something for someone that will be a great gift.

Anyway, Cat came in and began her 8 hours with us (ok, 6 with a 2 hour lunch/ shopping break :) ). I was curious how someone would teach knitting and Cat pleasantly surprised me. Not only did she come up with great, easy to understand handouts, but she used clever tools to demonstrate knitting techniques on a grander scale so that we could all see and understand. She also did small group tutorials, and best yet, she quickly got us working on smaller projects that reinforced the techniques she was teaching - the worst thing you can do to a knitter is just "talk" about knitting all day versus letting them actually do it!

Above and beyond her knitting teaching skill, what really blew me away was the innovative technique that Cat created and taught us. Suffice it to say that the sock I started Friday is already done (Sunday morning) and fits me PER-FECT-LY. Its the first time that's ever happened! Knitting is a very mathematical, pattern-oriented, repetitive craft. But is also requires creativity and an artistic view. I'm rather lacking on those last two things so to see someone take an art, turn it into somewhat of a science so that you can once again explore the art itself, like Cat has done, simply blows my mind. So, I am so thankful for someone like Cat, who continues to challenge and innovate in the craft world. She's a great thinker, knitter, teacher and encourager of the art.

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