Day 216. The Laughing One.

Sorry for the delay. Whenever I've tried to login the past few days Blogger has decided not to play nice so we'll be in catch up mode today :)

I was away at a conference for the past few days in Dallas. Its a panel that I sit on where half of the members rotate every two years. This session was the first for a new group of panel members. Its always a fun sociological experiment to see how the group influences the new folks and vice versa. One of the new members was a woman named Evy.

The first night, Evy sat with us at dinner and we couldn't quite get a good read on her other than she sure was friendly and she was very excited to be there. By the end of the second day, we had all fell in love. Evy has truly one of the best personalities I've ever encountered. This woman looks at everything openly, honestly and with a positive outlook without becoming a Pollyanna. She takes care of people without being too mothering. She offers critique without being punishing. She's open and honest without being fake or patronizing.

And then there's that laugh. She has one of those laughs that is 100% genuine. When Evy laughs, you know, without a doubt that she is enjoying something to its fullest extent and allowing herself to feel it. Its a deep, loud, wonderful sound.

I have to say, that the next two years of this project just got a lot more fun knowing Evy will be around!

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