Day 215. The Goodbye One.

Last night one of my friends left after graduating from an advanced degree from the Ohio State University to return to his home town. It had come as somewhat of a surprise to a bunch of us as we didn't expect him to leave. So, last night, after all the "official" graduation activities were over, we all met up at a local bar to hang out and have some drinks.

What was really special was to see all the people continue to come flooding in to say goodbye. This was not any sort of "official" gathering - no gifts, no meals - just hanging out, and by the time I left (rather late) there were easily more than 35 people still there celebrating our friend KC. I considered this a real tribute to how amazing he is.

KC is going to be a doctor, and he is also truly one of the kindest, most people focused individuals I've ever met. When he's talking to you you know he's paying attention and when we makes little jokes or comments they are related to real things about you - not just generalities but real things that show he pays attention and knows who you are. KC was in constant demand all night from men and women just to hang out, make a joke, take a photo.

I personally will miss KC, but I wanted to commend him not only for who he is and what has acheived but also because I think its super cool he arranged his own goodbye party. Goodbyes can be so hard, and they can be melancholy and sad. KC made this get together all about celebrating friendships and having amazing fun memories to carry us through until we see each other again. And I love that. I love KC. Godspeed, my friend!

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