Day 214. The Door One.

Heading to the gym yesterday, (to undo the damage done eating amazing German food for a week), there's always the weird phenomenon of people trying to get to the door first without looking like it. Heaven forbid anyone need wait more than five seconds to get their card swiped as they enter...

ANYWAY, as I got to the door out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little boy (couldn't have been more than 5) scurry past me to hit the Handicap Entrance button that automatically opens the doors. Now, honestly, my first reaction when this happens is irritation. The button is usually hit 4 - 5 times in rapid succession by any given child (they love this) and the door slowly starts to swing open and closed and I always figure its only a matter of time before the whole thing breaks. But, the boy hit the button once, the door didn't open, so he hit it again. I thought I would just go to the door and open it myself and skirt the whole spectacle when the little boy scurried up ahead of me again, reached up for the door handle and said in the sweetest little boy voice ever "Let me get that for you". And he valiantly began to leverage the entire weight of his body to open the door. I couldn't help but smile.

This little boy reminded me of the inherent sweetness in children and also showed that he clearly had good parenting in his background to speak so politely and be so kind in his actions even at such a young age. So, I thank this little boy - I had to thank his father who finally caught up to us at the counter - for both of their parts in the beginnings of who I think will be a truly sweet person.

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Dave Thurston said...

Oh to have the simple joy of a child and an appropriate level of wisdom of an adult.

Kudos to the child's parents - those manners are not something that are crammed for overnight success, but learned over years (and via just plain watching the parents).