Day 213. The Graduating One.

Today, my friend Anne graduated! She has had a very long journey to this place. What has astounded me the most, however, throughout this process is not the process itself, but how open and honest Anne has been throughout the entire thing. There have certainly been some struggles, some minor, some very significant, but she has always told people what was going on and how it was affecting her.

I do not know that I would possess the strength of character or moral fortitude to get through all that she has faced, but I do know that she amazes me. Today, I am so very happy for my friend. She serves as a constant reminder to me that you can accomplish great things both academically/ professionally but also personally by staying in touch with yourself and sharing that with people you can trust and find comfort with.

Anne, my dear, congratulations! Your hard work has paid off! I am so very happy for you and I wish you continued success and the achievement of every single goal you continue to set for yourself.

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nevrothwen said...

You are so right. Congratulations Anne! You have worked hard and deserve to celebrate now.