Day 211. The Bread and Butter One.

While in Europe, with full credit to my friend, H, I came across my new very very favorite place to eat. Its call Brot&Butter ("bread and butter") and it is somewhat indescribable. Words will diminish how great it was, but the basics are that it is a small little deli-type store/ eatery with amazing cheeses, spreads, and meats all that can be eaten there on bread that is constantly being baked fresh all day long right in front of your eyes.

My friend and I went there every morning, and I am still craving it. There was one server who helped us every morning and she was just lovely. She took the time to not only give us excellent service but explain to us what we were eating (if it was a unique spread or something) and also how it was made. She even was kind enough to share with us a few samples of unique things they made (it may not sound like it, but buttermilk, OJ, shredded ginger and a touch of sugar is a tremendously delicious treat).

Our server was not only kind enough to make eating there a true "experience" but she also was nice enough to help me along as I limped through my meager understanding of German and dependency on English.

I'm telling you that whenever I am in Munich ever again, you will find me, every morning, at Brot&Butter and if you are ever there - GO!

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