Day 210. The General One.

So. I am back from Europe, safe and sound. Had a great time and just found more proof that there are some really great people everywhere in the world...in fact, I got my first reminder as I was leaving my hometown of Columbus.

On the way out to Zurich, I had some crazy flight plans due to the fact that I booked my ticket rather late (just two weeks before the trip). After going through the automated checkin (because that is ALWAYS faster) I moved on to try and get into a shorter line to get some questions answered. There were quite a few international travelers going from Ohio (who knew?) and some rather complex questions...involving one African family but that is a story for another day...and the line was moving S-L-O-W. One of the luggage porters came over to ask if he could help me.

Now through no fault of any one person in any role, it has been my experience that most airline employees are only well versed in their specific role or responsibility. If you have a question about something they don't do, you're not going to get an answer from that person. But I went ahead and asked my question anyway. Well, this nice gentleman proceeded to tell me "Oh you don't need to wait in this line," and, while I couldn't get the answer I needed in the airport at all, he told me where to get it once I reached my intermediate stopping point and which desk to go to for the quickest answer, as well as how to ask for it with the proper terminology versus my interpretation of the events.

His plan worked like a charm. My new friend made my travel quite a bit more efficient and pleasant, and I thank him for taking the time to ask if he could help me, and then fulfilling his offer 100%.

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