Day 209. The Mentor One.

I am leaving the country for the next week, so I am unsure if I will be able to post until I return, but I have no doubt that I will be coming back having met some truly amazing people...just like when I left last time, I wanted to honor someone truly special, truly amazing who could stand on their own and make it worthwhile for anyone who might stop by the blog for the next seven days. When I realized the task ahead of me, I also realized it was a fairly easy choice: allow me to introduce Dorothy S. Patterson.

Dorothy is rather famous in the world of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the global fight for breast cancer. From as far back as I can remember, so many great ideas that exist in the world of Komen today blossomed via Dorothy. Pledge program? Dorothy. Survivor-specific transportation on Race day? Dorothy. This woman gave countless hours not only to her own affiliate (Houston) but to so many others through training, mentoring, supporting, cheering, just being there. I can still remember meeting her at my very first training and she was nothing short of tremendously inspirational.

Dorothy is a survivor of breast cancer. In addition to her tireless service to her Komen affiliate as well as other national affiliates, Dorothy is now leading the charge internationally. For the past two years, she's helped to start races in Africa, Georgia (the country not the state!), and now is working with places like Egypt! How cool is that? When I think of the fact that the beauty of Dorothy's essence transcends so many cultural, demographic, geographic boundaries I am not really surprised. This past month, Dorothy was also elected to a highly esteemed position as "Affiliate Representative" on the national board for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

It would be easy to say that Dorothy is just part of an organization and she's kinda worked her way up. But that would a short-changing of this woman of the most egregious degree. Dorothy is a constant reminder of what one person, with passion, selfless dedication, and a goal can accomplish.

You see, tomorrow, I leave to go to Zurich to help the Swiss team plan the first ever Swiss Race for the Cure. I am excited, nervous and not a little bit afraid that I won't do a good enough job. Dorothy has been serving as my inspiration as I've planned for this trip...she has served as my mentor in so many ways as I have tried to fight this terrible disease, and to now be following in her footsteps in the smallest of ways, well, I hope and pray that I will do her proud.

Dorothy - I do love you. You have given me so many gifts and made my life richer for knowing you. THANK you for what you do for me, and for women all over the world. You truly are inspiring people, delivering hope and saving lives.

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