Day 208. The Surgeon One.

Today Stephen had some surgery done. And, if you have been around this blog a while you know that I have a penchant for artists and doctors, so today's honoree is obvious. The surgeon who worked on Stephen today was fantastic. He started the procedure on time and ended EARLY! Stephen had some major - MAJOR - anxiety and the Doctor was extremely diligent in managing this through telling Stephen exactly what was happening every step of the way and also, when all else failed, telling Stephen to stop breathing so hard because he was going to make himself pass out. tee hee

Doctors are amazing, as I've mentioned before, for their dedication to education, treatment and care. As I worried about my husband "back there" today, I took a moment to appreciate the extra special skill and dedication required of a surgeon. A surgeon needs to not only go through relentless education and training but also have confidence to know that they can fix someone's problem by physically altering their body in some way. I find that incredible.

Stephen is much better now, both physcially and mentally, and it is attributable to our surgeon today and his excellent team. Thank you, Doctor, for your service to your patients, and to my husband in particular.

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Brian Cluxton said...

I really think you're exaggerating Stephen's anxiety level and that's not cool! You know I'm kidding :) Glad everything went well.