Day 207. The Perspective One.

Last night I had dinner with some very good friends. As we sat and chatted and caught up about everything I was stuck by my friend, B. B and I have been through some similiar career challenges and while I can tend to react strongly and quickly "as a matter of principle" B is someone who is much more thoughtful in her deliberations and who considers the long term effects of her decisions.

I have tremendous respect for B's ability to always consider the consequences of all her actions. She doesn't fall prey to other's opinions or ideas on what she should be doing, nor does B become a people pleaser. B is someone who I have seen maintain I high high degree of integrity and respect due to her skill at balancing "the right thing to do" with "the right way to deliver it".

When we talked about this last night, she offered such open advice on how she approaches issues so that she can be as good at this as she is. I am so thankful to have such a valuable role model in my life who is also a tremendous friend.

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