Day 205. The Rollin' One.

Yesterday, I went with my friend Anna and her husband Brian to pick up Anna's bike for the Tour de Pink event we are doing in October (we're riding 220 miles from Hershey PA to NYC...yes, we know we are crazy). Anyway, as a breast cancer survivor, Anna was able to get a free bike (donated by Giant bikes, thank you Giant) and we went to get it, both get fitted, and start getting serious about this whole thing.

We went to a store with a few locations in Central Ohio called "Roll". First of all - kick butt name for a bike store. Me likey. Second, they had this really cool machine that measured each of us to tell us what size bike we needed. Third, we got to work with Zach. Zach spent over an hour with us..helping us understand what we needed, what we didn't need, how to get a good bike, and fitting Anna for her bike.

Zach was super patient with us all, put up with my stupid jokes, and provided great service all while demonstrating a focus and passion for biking that was infectious. When someone takes the time to educate you and share excitement for what you are about to start doing it is amazing how much it makes you build your own enthusiasm and confidence. If I'd had the finances, I think I would have bought everything from Zach yesterday because he made me feel like I'd get the right stuff and be prepared for what was ahead.

Zach is obviously a biker in his own right and now we're trying to convince him to come do Tour de Pink with us, but even if he doesn't, we're definitely going back to Roll for all our biking needs throughout this whole experience, and we're gonna ask for Zach (he's there Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays...tell him the Puckbunnies sent ya!)

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