Day 204. The Soupy One.

Today has been a rough day, but, thankfully its Friday, and there is always something to look forward to on Friday - The Soup on E!. Now, there are many, MANY things that one can find wrong with the E! network, but since the beginning of this channel, there's always been one half hour that I can support. It started as "Talk Soup" and now its come back as "The Soup" hosted by Joel McHale.

Joel's a pretty interesting guy - he was born in Italy (who knew?) and has a family and home in Washington state. He now makes his living as a comedian and his primary role has been as the host of this "soup" show. If you haven't seen it, here's the jist. This show scours the airwaves for the rediculousness that airs as part of the unbelievable focus that our society has put on celebrity. Like many of you, I am consistently shocked at how much value "celebrity" and "being famous" has today. I was raised to believe in hard work and accomplishment, not "luck" and a "big break". In my opinion, "The Soup" is in the joke. They show you that the emperor has no clothes. They revel in the absolute crazy that is pop culture. The jokes are timely, quick witted, and often quite telling.

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying that this show is going to change the world, or spark provacative conversation, but, what I am saying, is that for at least 30 minutes a week, Joel and his band of merry men and women make me laugh. And, they make me feel like I am not going crazy when I just start shaking my head at what some people are doing these days. This show is funny - and perhaps it can inspire someone besides me to realize what we should be focusing on instead of who's wearing what where.

Again, its not highbrow (and some content is potentially lewd or inappropriate) but I continue to believe that it takes a smart smart person to be funny. Joel has to come up with stuff every week, and its usually good. Tonight, I look forward to the fact that I know I'm gonna have something to laugh about, and I have Joel McHale to thank.

p.s. I will admit, its fun to have people like this because it gives me a new adjective to play with for my post title :)

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