Day 203. The Golfing One.

This is a bit of a bandwagon post. Many of you may have already heard that Phil Mickelson's wife, Amy, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Immediately following this announcement yesterday, Phil announced that he is suspending his golfing career indefinitely while he is at his wife's side.

I debated whether or not to write this post. You see, if there is one sport I could care less about, its golf. Further, I think that it is easy for the world, while admiring Phil's choice, to say that its "easier" for him due to his celebrity and or financial success to date. I do not know anything about this family's life, but what I do know is that the pictures they show of Amy tell me that she is FAR too young to be having to face this disease. I also know that, intentional or not, her health will now be an issue of public interest which may come to be too much to bear for the family.

Phil's choice reminds me of two other "celebrities" who were able to make similar choices. Both Chris Spielman (Buckeye!) and Bret Farve (not a buckeye and current flip-flopper on retirement) have also either taken time (Farve) or retired (Spiels) as a result of their wife's breast cancer diagnosis. Regardless of fame or fortune, I honor the choice of all these men, and today, Phil most of all, for so many reasons.

Many of us may say that "family" is most important, but I fear we often don't live our lives that way. We work because we "have to pay the bills" we have a whole list of to-dos. Many of us can't withstand the financial impact of focusing solely on a loved one while sick. Many of us also can't fathom the public invasion that occurs when you put your family and your family's health on the public record. The Mickelsons have faced all these issues and have chosen to share their choice. For me, this choice boils down to nothing more than love and family.

I am deeply saddened by the all too common occurance it is becoming to hear of "another person" diagnosed with breast cancer and my heart goes out to Amy and her entire family. I pray that this difficult time will be bouyed by the support of each other and that they can find respite in each other's love. And, most of all, Phil, I honor you for your choice.

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