Day 202. The Mentor One.

I will have to keep this blog a bit vague as far as details go to protect the not so innocent, but I would like to acknowledge my friend Julie. Julie is one of the first people I met when I returned to Columbus and I have now had a friendship with her since back then in 2002.

Julie and I went through all those phases of storming, norming, performing and have had our relationship run the gamut of totally professional to totally social. Throughout our time knowing each other, Julie has always been a good friend. She's accepted my weaknesses, called me on my shortcomings, taught me a whole heck of a lot, and always been ever supportive.

Julie has really helped me open my perspective on the world, certain aspects there in, and on how to deal with people. Her calm approach has always impressed me to the point that I sometimes would start to wonder if she just wasn't aloof all the time, but she is the epitome of "still waters running deep".

Recently, some pretty significant, scary changes have happened in her life - and yet she deals with them as she does with anything, with steadfast calm and dedication.

Julie - love ya, girl!

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