Day 201. The Skating One.

I'm sure there will be a few posts that relate to this past weekend, but what happened was we helped put on the inaugural "Hockey Beats Down Breast Cancer" on Saturday night. We threw the whole event, complete with pre and post party as well as silent auction, raffles, in just over 1 month so for it to be successful took a lot of hard working people.

One main highlight of the event is that two teams played the hockey game wearing commemorative jerseys. One team wore pink jerseys and the other wore white. You could "sponsor" a jersey and chose the numer and the name that went on the back. Stephen and I sponsored a jersey for my mom, this being her tenth year as a survivor. Kiki wore my mom's jersey. When I first met her I immediately told her how excited I was for her to wear mom's name and told her mom's story. Kiki put her jersey on right away...

When Kiki skated out, she did even one better! She used the pink stick tape to put a Pink Ribbon on her helmet and it was awesome to see her out there skating so hard "for mom". At the end of the game, there was a "jersey handoff" where the skater took the jersey right off their back and handed it to there sponsor. Kiki skated right up to us (points for remembering what I looked like amid all the chaos that night) and handed mom her jersey and posed for pictures.

Skating in the event and taking part was a cool enough thing, but Kiki really made the night feel like a tribute for my mom - she was so happy to get her jersey at the end of the night and for that, I thank Kiki from the bottom of my heart.

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Dave Thurston said...

Another enjoyable post, situation, and slice of life. Thanks.

From a selfish standpoint, Day 366 might be tough to witness. Here's hoping for continued moment-living and appreciation.