Day 200. The Makeup One.

Ok, first, let's pause for just one second #200? Seriously? Wow.

I am a big fan of Grey's Anatomy on ABC. Through all its ups and downs, I've watched every episode since the beginning. Last night was the season finale and there was a pretty big shocker - at least to me - at the end. It turned out that one of Seattle Grace's own was now an ER patient who had suffered extensive injuries but that person was unidentifiable due to the massive damage the character has suffered.

I'm usually one of those people who figures out the plot way ahead of the reveal - much to Stephen's dismay - so to be fooled was pretty cool and impressive. And, thus, I think its rather important to acknowledge who I think is still doing the makeup for Grey's Anatomy: Tom Burman and and Bari Dreiband-Burman.

The Burmans have been quoted as saying: " 'You can shoot our work really tight because of the detail and care that we put into it,' said Dreiband-Burman. The Burmans, who are Emmy-award-winning makeup artists, have been working on Grey's Anatomy as well as Nip/Tuck for some time; they also designed the drill effect in the ferry-accident episodes."

Its easy to forget how many aspects can go into telling a story visually and while the impact of the reveal was amazing last night, could it have been possible without the skill of the makeup team? (Well that and the fact that many may cover their eyes at such extensive gore...of course, I'm NOT talking about me! :))

To recreate medical injuries must be rather demanding when you have a slew of medical consultants hovering, judging your work at all times. And, particularly with the season at end, and fans left to reflect on the impact of the stories, I am thankful for artists like the Burmans who must work tirelessly to create essential elements of some of my favorite stories.

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