Day 198. The New Mommy One.

Well as they say, you may have made plans but God has other ideas...I've wanted to write about this person for a bit, but thought I would do it the day she had her first child...of course the child came early and we found out a few days after soooo....

My friend Debbie is one of the most dear people in my life. Debbie and I met through volunteer work and I immediately gravitated to her charm and personality. Debbie is always pure of intention and perfect in her delivery. She inspires me with her focus on filling her life with friends and family and 'the stuff that matters'.

There are so many stories I could tell that cement Debbie in my heart, but again, the reason I wanted to time this entry was because Debbie had always wanted children. She had to wait - perhaps longer than she wanted ;) - to find just the right partner for this journey but she did, and after a long road, last week, she gave birth to a very perfect, very beautiful baby boy.

I know that Debbie will make the most amazing mother. She is completely connected to what it means to be a good person and to live a meaningful life. I have no doubt that she will instill such a foundation in her little man. It is people like Debbie that reassure me in the goodness in people and in the future. I am exceedingly happy for her dreams becoming reality...now, we just need to get her moved back home closer to us all and life will be perfect! :)

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