Day 199. The International One.

Many of you know that I am honored to have been asked to help with the first Swiss Race for the Cure this fall. Every time I think about it, I really just kinda glaze over because I can't believe that I, of all the people who work on Races, was asked to be one of the International Race Ambassadors. Things are really starting to get rolling with my Race and with Races in Rome, Brussels, Georgia (the country not the US State!) and elsewhere and its exciting to see women become informed and empowered about their breast health.

In the middle of this storm of activity is one person who's been my main point of contact, Jennifer. As she and I were sending flurries of emails back and forth today, and as I thought about the questions I have, I suddenly realized how amazing she is. I have enough concerns about working effectively with my Swiss partners - there is etiquette, dress, business acumen, culture that I don't know let alone bring a Race together from nowhere - Jen has these issues to work through times 10! Everyday she works with partners in countries all over the world as well as ambassadors and all the Komen departments (legal!) to get Races together. I am awe of her ability to navigate all these worlds, keep things in line and keep things moving so effectively.

Its funny, I still haven't even met Jen face to face, but I hope to someday, and tell her just how well she's doing her job. As much as I do have my silly little concerns, Jen has provided so much information that I know I am prepared for the job at hand. I am impressed with her confidence and trust in me. Breast Cancer isn't confined by age, ethnicity, or geography and Jen is instrumental in breaking down another of those barriers by spreading the word around the world.

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