Day 194. The Green One.

A big event is coming up in Columbus - its the annual Columbus Race for the Cure. For the first time in three years, I'm not in charge of the whole darn thing and its been crazy to watch it all happen from a completely different perspective. What I think is most valuable about change is the innovation that comes with it, and this past weekend, on Sunday, as I picked up some of my Race t-shirts (that I didn't have to pack?!?! rather jarring...;) ) I heard some of the coolest innovation that's coming with this year's Race...

Background: Many years ago, when I was in high school, I had a group of friends who were, and are, tremendously dear to me. We used to get together every Thursday to watch Cheers (<--- clearly dating myself there) on NBC. We'd always go to my friend Mike's house for our "Cheers' Parties". Mike's siblings were always cool, but also cool enough to leave us "oh so hip" high schoolers alone. Now its good to think coolness can travel in families, but when I saw Mike's sister, Reagan, on Sunday she proved it.

If you've ever been to any kind of large event you know what kind of logistics it takes. the Columbus Race for the Cure last year was over 40,000 people so you can only imagine the tonnage (yes, TONnage) of refuse we generated and the large number of volunteers collecting all that requires. Well, Reagan has solved that problem and more. Reagan has instituted "Green loves Pink": a new effort in partnership with one of the local refuse companies that will not only assist and expedite the collection of all the paper, bottles, bags, cups, trash that 40,000+ people bring but will also take the time to do the appropriate sorting and get all recycleables to their appropriate destination as a favor to our planet.

I have always loved the Race for what it gives to the community not only as an event but also to each individual participating. This year is special to so many for so many deeply personal reasons...its fantastic to see that now we are not only accountable to the community for providing support to those affected by breast cancer, but that we are also accountable for our impact on the environment. This is tremendous tremendous step and its all with credit to Reagan. Thank you Reagan - my only regret is that this didn't start last year and now I haven't had the opportunity to see you put this in place directly - you are truly TRULY making a difference!

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