Day 193. The Travelling One.

I've had the opportunity lately to work with a young Ohio State student named Mollie. Mollie is pursuing a business degree and is in her final year, getting ready to graduate in June. This young woman has got a good head on her shoulders, has some definite goals for her professional life, and could easily get some good opportunities offered to her the minute she graduates.

INSTEAD - Mollie and her friend have decided to take some time first to feed their wanderlust. The two have bought one way tickets to Europe and are saving up their money and plan to travel as long as their funds will allow. I think this is so cool. The vibe I get from Mollie isn't to go party her way through Europe, and as she talks about it more, I think that these two just have plans to take advantage of one of the very last times in their life when they will be without commitments and to experience all that is out there in the world.

When I graduated from college I did what everyone was "supposed" to do: I took a few months off at home, and then moved away, started my new job and became an "adult". While those choices have brought a lot of good into my life, I feel like I can also look back now and, in comparison, see the wealth of opportunity that awaits Mollie by choosing a 'different" path. I think she and her friend will have an amazing time and will build memories and experiences to last a lifetime. I applaud their decision to do something like this and the beautiful way in which the are approaching this experience. For someone who has built a foundation that will sustain her no matter when she decides to start "working", Mollie is taking time to first really enjoy life, and that's amazing.

p.s. Mollie also ran in the Flying Pig half marathon this past weekend and for that she rocks too!

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