Week 34. Reflections.

Well - I'm just sharing this to be filed under "when really cool stuff happens". This past weekend I spent in Nashville, TN with some of my very favorite people in the world, who, not so shockingly have all appeared here in my blog before ;). We were specifically staying with the parents of my friend Jessica and her parents, Tom and Shelley.

Now I love these folks dearly and we were all so excited to get together again that Jess, her hubby, Stephen and I and our friends Andrea and Jason were willing to take a 6:30 AM flight to head on down to Nashville for some fun. When we got to Tom and Shelley's we were quite a bit giddy from the excitement and lack of sleep and one of the fun things we all started doing was looking at all the photos that were around from Jess and Brad's recent wedding. I was commenting on how gorgeous the photos were - and seriously, these are some of the best wedding pics I've ever seen - when all of a sudden I think I may have literally screamed. Tom and Shelley had printed out the posts I had done of them and of Jessica were re-typed, printed out and framed in places of honor right next to two frames full of wedding pictures.

All I can say is that, to this very moment, I still can't describe how this has made me feel. I was instantly embarrassed, overwhelmed, touched and honored. I'm humbled to think that my little musings were important enough to make it on to someone's WALL, for goodness sake. Its amazing to think that every now and then a post about someone good brings happiness to that person's life. Now more than ever, I am remembering to take the time to say the good things as well as I can and to let the person know. Thanks again, Tom and Shelley - not only for being you but for reminding me what this project is trying to be all about.

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