Week 32. Reflections.

Today is Easter. In the Christian tradition, this is the day marked to celebrate the resurrection of Christ after he was crucified. This holiday has also become intertwined with the pagan traditions of celebrating spring and using the symbols of eggs, rabbits and then came the tradition of humans to attach candy and chocolate to any celebration.

For me, I do believe in the Christian meaning of today, but regardless of your personal faith, many associate feelings of forgiveness and rebirth with this holiday. Nowadays, I'm always on the search to find the good in others and to continue to try and get more good within myself, so, why not use a holiday that supports that goal to reflect on how we're all doing...in the spirit of Easter, consider today a today to go out and do something nice for someone - perhaps its forgiveness, perhaps its a random act of kindness. Perhaps you're just a bunny of joy for someone today, perhaps much more.

Happy Easter!

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sorenj said...

lovely... I think I shall attempt to do just that :)