Day 191. The Artist One.

This past Sunday, I went with friends to view a local exhibit of our friend, Michael May. I have only followed Mike's art for a short time but I always find myself taking real time to take it in and it always forces me to ponder and ask questions...

Mike left his recent focus of cows (and I love love love the cows - still saving my pennies for a print or two) to focus now on teeth...and Mike talks about this more in his "Artist Statement". I hadn't read his most recent statement before seeing Sunday's show and I ended up asking him about it...and here's what I was to recognize in Michael: his mind. The artist's mind is an amazing, amazing thing. As Michael talked more about the current focus of his work and the mental journey he took to come to this visual expression of so many different thoughts and ideas I, without exaggeration, was in total awe.

I mention artists quite a bit on this blog - I admit to being fascinated with them. It continues to amaze me how they think and how they see the world and then show it back to us. Mike is no exception. A few comments on Sunday have stuck with me since we left and I echo them here today, first of, "thank you Mike for sharing your art with us" and "the world needs to appreciate how important artists are more". Someday...some day...I'll have a Michael May original in my house (if only Lisa and Michele can help me figure out where to put it! ;) )

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