Day 186-188. The Cousin Ones.

I'm going to be out of town for a few days, so I thought I would write another post about a couple of people...and given my last post, I thought I would stay in the family vein.

I am the oldest of 9 cousins, and an only child, so when that first cousin was born it was as close to having a sibling as I was going to get. I really enjoyed watching all those other people grow up - getting to baby sit them when they were very young, reading with them, picking apples, playing on the swings...all the things that kids do. But then, the last few times we all spent as an entire family I was in college with no other kids that close to my age and the relationships were more based on past memories and obligatory relationships than the realness of a true connection.

A few years went by when my grandparents passed away when family get togethers were much more rare, we more just saw parts and pieces of the family based on quick meetings versus entire holidays etc. But then, thankfully, we've gotten back into our pattern of seeing each other at least a few times a year as one, big, family unit. Whether its weddings, or holidays or "hey we're driving through your part of the country" we're blessed to spend more time together again.

Its with these renewed visits that I can marvel at 3 of my cousins in particular. Now, of course, all my cousins are fantastic people, each with their own unique story, but, the three that are siblings: David Jr., Justin and Kristen have really stuck in my mind lately. Each is forging a path in their lives that is uniquely theirs. They all three aren't even in the same state as one another right now and yet, as I interact with them and watch them interact with each other (Facebook is a great great thing!) I am constantly impressed with them. They support each other, know what's going on in each others' lives, help each other out - sometimes in rather spectacular ways - and always show that they love each other.

These three go through good and bad times and always manage to depend on, and reinforce the bond that can exist in a family. I take great comfort in knowing that they will all be there for each other in a truly completely supportive way. I know that their lives will always include their family and that they will always love and laugh together. "Family is the most important thing" is an oft used colloquialism - but my lovely cousins prove it. I am honored to be part of their family.

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