Day 185. The Supportive One.

On Saturday, I was downtown, watching the hockey game (I promise this post is NOT about hockey! LOL) and part of the reason my friend Anna and I head out to watch away games is that we are promoting a project that we are working on. I will not talk a lot about it here, other than to say it is simply a fundraising event and if you'd like more info please visit us here.

Anyway, I was wearing some bunny ears to promote our mission and a cute young girl, Renee, came up to ask why I was wearing bunny ears. Now, first of all, Renee deserves major props for straight out coming up and asking me what I was doing wearing crazy pink bunny ears. (Other people were not so straightforward, polite or kind) But, Renee came over and we began a conversation about what we were doing, the point of our event, why the cause is important and so on. As our conversation wound down, I offered her one of our little fliers that we hand out with the basics of our project - she asked for more to hand out on our behalf. That alone was really sweet - you never know the rate of return when you do mass distribution of a message.

But, you can imagine my surprise, when, Sunday, I received a text from Renee saying she had handed out all the fliers I gave her and could I send her more info. Well, I was floored. You never know when you engage in conversation with someone - particularly at a party or other social event - whether you are really getting somewhere and making a genuine connection or if its just lip service. With Renee clearly it was the former. I consider it a gift that we ran into each other and I am beyond appreciative for her support that just came out of nowhere.

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