Day 184. The GM One.

I know we've been a bit heavy on they hockey posts lately, and while this one is not directly related, the topic does come up, so consider yourself warned.

I'm working on a project that involves hockey, and a group of folks got together last night to start our planning in earnest. We went to Chammps (the Lennox location for you central Ohioans). As we were meeting, we noticed that they had a very cool promo poster for the Blue Jackets being in the Stanley Cup playoffs promoting the "March On" tagline that's been developed. There were a few posters sitting on one of the counters and as I was (yes, I'll be honest) debating swiping them for us a staff member came over and asked if I needed help. So I asked if I could have the posters, the staff person went and got the GM.

Well the GM came over and when I asked about the posters, he was enthusiastic and said oh not these, one is dirty, I have a ton in the back, let me go grab some. Me, pushing my luck, asked if I could have 6 - one for everyone in our party. He said he'd check and come back to our table.

Not only did we get posters, but we got t-shirts with the "March On" tagline. The GM stopped by our table a few times throughout the night, we swapped hockey fan stories, he even brought us more posters to take home. At the end of the night, we even each got a discount on our bills.

Its cool to meet fellow enthusiasts of any personal passion, but our friend at Chammps went above and beyond. It was so nice of him to share all the swag with us and we left really feeling like we had a new friend.

Chammps hosts viewing parties for all the playoff games, and they have really nice staff across the board. If you are a hockey fan, or a sports fan of any kind, and you live in central Ohio, head on over to Chammps at Lennox. They've got the best darn GM around :)

Let's Go Jackets!

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