Day 183. The Mother in Law One.

"Mother in Law" is such a cliche. I'm lucky because when I got one - I got a great one. She's staying with us tonight - after driving 8 hours by herself - and then she'll head to my sister-in-law's house in Indiana (another 4 hours in the car) for a week before reversing the whole process on her way home.

My in-laws live in a very small town in northeastern Pennsylvania called "Hawley" and while we try and go out there for visits, we never make it as much as we want to or as much as we should. We blame the difficulty in getting there, or not having the time, or goodness knows what. But my mother-in-law, without fail, always comes out to see all of us at least 2-3 times a year.

I've come to be friends with my MIL - tonight we had a great time - she made my very favorite dish of hers (eggplant parm. for those of you keeping track at home), and the we just hung out watching silly shows on tv and chatting about what's going on. Its in these discussions of "nothing" that our relationship grows.

I could tell you many amazing things about my MIL, like that she raised three wonderful kids, all born one year apart while helping run a resort, or that she can bake just about anything, or that she is a great grandmother, but as another one of our short visits comes to an end, and I realize how ridiculous it is that we don't stay in touch more, I just wanted to call her out for being a cool person - and for proving that the negative stereotype of a "mother-in-law" is a cliche that should be retired, at least as best as I can see.

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