Day 182. The Waiting One.

Waiting stinks. Waiting for anything stinks. There was a whole lotta waiting around Columbus lately...as I have mentioned, the Columbus Blue Jackets made it into the NHL Playoffs for the first time in franchise history (THAT was a long 9 years) and then, all over the city this past Saturday, people got up early and went to wait at various TicketMaster outlets to hopefully get one of the remaining 1200 playoff tickets that were up for grabs.

Well, I did not go thankfully (a contact of Stephen's thankfully had already hooked us up) but from all angles the process sounds like it was an unmitigated disaster. It sounds like no matter where you were - the local grocery, "The Blue Line" (the official Blue Jackets merchandise store) or online most folks went away unhappy and frustrated with the process. The person I would like to highlight I don't even know - but he deserves some sort of something...

There is a "Blue Line" store in a shopping mall right near us. When Stephen and I went to get some playoff stuff the person manning the store told us what had happened: people had started showing up VERY early - by 8 AM there were over 200 people there (this is hockey in central Ohio, people, that's a lot of people) but the mall security refused to let folks down near the store so they all had to collect in the Panera that was upstairs. At 5 till 9 (tickets went on sale at 9) the security finally let people go which resulted in a mad dash from stairs, elevators and escalators down into the store. The few meager tickets people could get were gone in seconds and the very first person to arrive at the mall that day, an older man, didn't have the physical strength to fight the rush downstairs to get any sort of standing in the "real" line and ended up, almost literally, last. He left without tickets.

I'm the kinda person who gets so frustrated when folks aren't rewarded for their efforts - be in good performance at a job, or going through the trouble to get up super early on a weekend with the hope of getting a ticket to the first ever hockey playoff game in Columbus. My heart breaks for this man...if I had any clue how to get in touch with him, I think I might just give him one of our tickets - but he deserves recoginition and credit - because he waited - he waited for the playoffs to come to Columbus and he waited, without promise, to try to get a ticket. He's a real fan - it would seem he's supported the team for a while and hopefully he can be proud of his team's accomplishments and whatever it is he wants next, I hope he doesn't have to wait too long.

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