Day 181. The Never Met Before Ones.

Last night, with Spring in the air, Stephen and I were itching to get out and eat something light on a patio somewhere...we ended up at one of our favorite restaurants where we know most of the people who work there. As we were eating, to other guys D & J came in as well and ended up sitting next to us at the bar.

D & J turned out to be regulars also, and within 5 minutes we were all joking back and forth, interjecting in each others conversations, and also respecting when the conversation turned to something that we shouldn't interrupt. We had a really fun time - we laughed a lot, we learned a bit more about each other, and we talked about a whole bunch of different stuff.

I realized you can never underestimate the gift of just being friendly. D & J really made our evening fun, and we got to meet new people from a different walk of life who we probably never would have crossed paths with otherwise. Its often so very easy to stay wrapped up in one's little world, I admire the strength of character to reach out to others who you've never even met before. When it turns out to be as fun as last night was, well that just heightens the reward of meeting new people. D & J are now folks I know I can always have fun with if I see them around, and D & J, yes, I will always tell you my real age, and yes, you should hire me! LOL

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