Day 177. The Random Ones.

I am always pleasantly surprised that people are reading this little project of mine. I know the blog isn't as technologically advanced as it could be (read: rather wordy) and I always figured this was just my little journey. Its been a little gift to me every time I check the stats and see visits from crazy places and an even more precious occurrence when someone leaves a comment.

Recently, I've gotten a couple comments from people that I have never met...Devon, and Dave (each independently). Both comments have been not only exciting to get but also chock-a-block full of kind words and some really good ideas about directions to take this project as well as other cool content to highlight.

People who are constantly seeking out new knowledge are the kind of people I want to associate with...and people who, have the strength of character to start connecting no matter how much or how little they know someone always get my instant respect.

So, Devon and Dave - thank you for taking the time to visit this blog and thank you for your comments. Know that you brightened my day and have given more to my life and to this project.

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Dave Thurston said...

I don't know if I am the Dave you reference, but you keep writing and I'll keep reading. You're doing some good stuff here.