Day 178. The Bagel One.

This post is NOT about Bagels. Well, unless you want me to point out that I will still do almost anything for an H&H blueberry bagel, toasted, with butter, but I digress...

This post is about "Bagel Tech News". What's Bagel Tech News? Well, its an incredibly balanced delivery of "tech stories, consumer stories and interest in technology". Bagel Tech is on Facebook, on Twitter, on the Internet, and on iTunes. I found it first because a friend of mine, Mel, recommended it as a good quick listen to keep up with the latest in tech. I started downloading the podcasts and found them to be, exactly as promised: informative, fast and easy to consume on a daily basis.

I really started to look forward to these little shows - and I appreciated the world view on things - learning a bit more about how technology is (or sometimes isn't!) able to break new ground or make incredible things happen. I also really enjoyed the fact that, without being overwhelming, I would keep hearing from the Bagel Tech team on a regular basis in different ways through all the different media spaces they play in. I had just found them on Twitter (secretly kicking myself for not looking there earlier) and was expecting the usual tweets of news tidbits, healthy PR and all things "Bagel Tech". Well...then came the part that sealed the deal as far as posting about these guys...

So first, Bagel Tech News followed me back on Twitter. This to me is always the mark of someone who "gets it". Don't just put yourself out there just to build a follower base of 10's of thousands of twitter-ites - Twitter is about the relationships, people. And then, would you believe it, through a series of tweets yesterday, I chatted with Bagel Tech about, of all things, Knitting. I'm always impressed when someone I admire starts seeing what I'm up to on Twitter, and further still to take the time to interact. And, don't even get me started on the amount of knitting knowledge that was joked about (rather brilliantly, I might add).

Bagel Tech always had my respect and following for their content alone. Now, I know that the guys behind this are super cool and the kind of people I'd like to hang out with. So, if you aren't already, search out "Bagel Tech News" on whatever networking site you like - I bet they are there, I bet you'll learn something, and I bet, you too, will instantly like not just the content, but the people behind it.

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officeprincess said...

I couldn't agree more. I absolutely LOVE interacting with Ewen. He is a GREAT guy!