Day 176. The ID One.

Last night my good friend, Jess, took me to a restaurant - which, coincidentally has some of the best Thai food I've ever had - called the Thai Orchid. We had a great girls' night together and a lovely server who made our day first by asking to see our ID's when we each ordered a glass of wine (I'm waaaay away from 21, so understand this now thrills me, people!)

But then our server did something else that I really appreciate and that made me smile. I am one of those people who can get all neurotic about identity theft. It still surprises me sometimes how easily we put information out there these days (myself included) such as credit card numbers, ANYWAY - one thing I always do is write "Check ID" on the back of my credit cards. Its silly, I know, but it makes me feel better (as if someone is really going to take my card and copy my signature OR they couldn't just use it on the internet or phone anyway :) )

So, our sweet server T., took my card when I was paying for my dinner, rang it through, but then, on coming back to the table, ever so sweetly, said, "may I please see your ID?" and took the time to look at the names, match them, and then look at me and look at the photo. Even though we all know the charge was already put against my account, I appreciated so much that she even looked at the back of my card and honored my request to do what she could to make sure it was me using my own card.

So cheers to T and to the Thai Orchid...we will definitely be back!

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Anna Cluxton said...

LOLOLOL - remind me to tell you something later!!!!